Thermal Solar Installations

We install solar facilities for heating support and warm water, solar installations for swimming pools.

Solar heating for swimming pools

Our Solar System - Heat for life

Solar panels for water heating

Solar heating


Solar heating for swimming pools

The energy supply of the sun is enormous. One must know how to use it!

With solar heating for swimming pools you can extend your bathing season considerably and keep the pool water up to 30°C.

Solar roll unit – pool heater with many advantages:

  • Inexpensive to buy
  • Easy to install, even by yourself
  • Durable high quality EPDM (ethylene propylene diene Monomer (M-class) rubber)
  • Easy and suitable for every roof
  • Can be modified or expandedat any time

The solar collectors are made of EPDM. The material is characterised by its high flexibility and durability. It will still look good after many years on a roof.

The solar system is installed on a flat or sloping roof, a pergola or a frame. On a tiled roof, the absorbers are attached permanently and storm proofed with a special adhesive.

The solar system is installed directly to the filter circuit of the pool since the material is compatible with usual pool chemicals and of course tolerates heat and UV radiation.

A simple automatic solar controller ensures that every possible heat gain in the absorber heats the pool water.

The circulating pump of the filter will then work simultaneously for the solar system.

If the solar sensor has a higher temperature than the pool water, it switches to control the solar cycle and the pool water now flows through the solar system, is heated and then flows back into the pool circulation.

The collector should correspond approximately to the surface area of the pool.

If a cover is used for the swimming pool against the heat loss, the collector surface area is reduced to 50 %.

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Our Solar System - heat for life

The sun shines every day. In just 20 minutes the earth receives as much energy as the whole humanity consumes in a year. The sun does this, of course, for free and without any environmental impact.

Why waste this free, natural resource? Every day it can help your heating system to heat your water. Even on a cloudy day solar panels can absorb solar radiation and convert it into heat.

Andalucía is the autonomous region with the largest installed area of solar collectors. At the end of 2001 it had more than 140 000 m². As part of the ‘plan to promote renewable energy´ the region also provided the greatest growth. Therefore the total area of solar panels by 2010 rose to 910 398 m², which means 20 % of the national target

Solar panels for water heating

Solar panels for water heating are practical to use in almost all households, either to supplement the existing heating systems or to add new heating concepts to optimize the energy, regardless of what type of heating system or energy you have in use today.

The orientation of the roof to the sun plays only a minor role. The collectors can even be installed on East or West facing areas. The amount of hot water required is usually dependent on the number and behavior of the users.

On average, one expects hot water demand of 50 liters per person per day. The hot water demand is independent of the age and construction of the building.

It is such a simple and safe technique: The dark area in the collector converts the sunlight into usable heat. This heat is absorbed by a special liquid and transported through pipes, using a pump to the storage tank.The heated water is now in the storage tank. A good isolation cover of this tank prevents the heat loss so that in the evening or the next day there will still be hot water available from the sun.

Solar heating

Solar heating system can in principle be used for all residential buildings. A complement to an existing system is always possible.

The usable roof area should preferably have orientation to the South. A deviation to East or West is not a restriction, but must be taken into account in the system size.

In contrast to the hot water system, it is necessary to have a double surface area of absorbers and a bigger storage tank.

This storage tank consists of two embedded vessels. The inner vessel stores usable water, outer stores heated water. The heat is transferred to the heating water in the outer vessel.But also the usable water in the inner vessel is heated at the same time. So we use the solar energy, for two different purposes, hot water and heating support.

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Solar thermal collector - Buderus

Stylish design combined with efficient outcome.

- Very high performance

- Borosilicate 3.3

- Reflective ceramic coating for long service life

- Quick installation

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