Sanitary Installations

We do drinking water and waste water installations, gas installations, bathroom installations, streched ceilings from

In private homes, besides the choice of flooring, wall color and furniture, the design on the ceiling also has an important role. It gives a room a new look and has an impact on the overall ambience.

An attractive alternative to wood, plaster or paneled ceiling is a modern stretch-ceiling system from Ciling. This quality product is manufactured with Swiss precision and therefore agrees with every taste or decor whether you prefer glossy, matte or transparent, in modern reflective or semi-gloss elegant colors. It is easy to fix to cover for example an old ceiling. Since it can be installed 1 inch from the existing structure, ugly wires and other installations can be hidden perfectly.

Round or square shape, wavy or serrated: The flexibility of the material opens up almost all shape possibilities in design. Recessed spotlights or exclusive lighting systems optimize the lighting conditions. With an installation time of about 5 hours per 30 square meters the Ciling cover is quickly fitted. The ceilings are made of rolled plastic: Inspected and recyclable, free of cadmium, mercury, PCP, PCB, silicone and latex. The material is also health-safe, which means it´s made of the same polymer that is used in the medical and food industry.

Ciling, the stretched ceiling with inimitable effect

Show your guests and friends your own style.Whether in the office, the conference room, the kitchen, the bathroom or the hall, the Ciling -stretch ceiling always creates a special atmosphere that refines any room. The suspended ceiling optimally integrates elegant lamps and exclusive lighting systems. A wide range of colors in gloss and matt offers an unexpected variety of interior custom design in private or commercial premises.

Ciling –stretched ceiling stands out not only through exclusive appearance and variety of design options. Also technical product advantages make it a unique alternative to conventional ceiling systems. The stretched ceiling is:

  • ·Quickly and easily assembled without mess
  • ·Tear resistant, washable, waterproof, antistatic, dust free and therefore easy to clean
  • ·A quality product with a 10-year warranty on all welds
  • ·Only available from trained professional installers.

CILING ceiling information film:

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Bathroom Furniture

We deliver and install high quality bathroom furniture also from Creativbad, a German based company which manufactures products with, for example, mineral cast and glass washbasins.

We can make personalized plans using a 3D-design program.

Below you can have a look at their video of what´s new 2012.