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Swimming pool construction

UNIPOOL specialized dealer

Sauna construction


Swimming pool sanitation

Swimming pool construction

All kinds of repairs, renovatings, pool construction from scratch...and so on. We have a wide variety of the best liners, vinyls and tiling options. We deliver and install pool covers of all types. Also pool heating with solar energy and heatpumps is our specialty. Water treatment, LED-lightings and other accessories are available through us. Whatever type of problem or idea you have, ask for a free quote.

This pool we renovated completely

This pool was repaired, a new Alkorplan 3000 liner was installed with heating and pool cover.

Here are few examples of liners and membranes

Renolit Alkorplan 3010, selection of printed tile bands with high performance lacquer protection,
Renolit Alkorplan Printed, selection of printed liner designs,
Renolit Alkorplan 2010, unicolour liners with high performance lacquer protection,
Renolit Alkorplan, unicolour liner range
Renolit Membrane selection

Renolit also has a pool configurator online, where you can try different liner options and combinations:
Renolit Pool Configurator


We are specialized dealer for Unipool solar heating for swimming pools. More information about uni-Pool-solar Flex

Solar heating for swimming pools

Sauna construction

There are many different kinds of saunas to choose from; from simple bathroom sauna that fits instead of a bathtub to outside sauna house with all the luxuries you can imagine.

Here you can find few examples of Saunalux saunas:

For more information about Harvia saunas, go to their website www.harvia.com

Swimming pool sanitation

If you need special treatments, tests or just chemicals for your pool, we have it all. In our shop we have a wide range of chemicals for sweet and salt water pools as well as pool accessories, pumps, valves, skimmers, hoses, etc.