Heating Installations

We install oil and gas heatings, heat pumps, underfloor heatings (www.purmo.com), skirting board heatings, wall heatings.

Heat pumps: Free solar energy from earth, water or air.

A heat pump is the only system which is capable of storing solar energy from the ground, water or air. Using intelligent technology it will give you a temperature level sufficient to heat your house to a comfortable level. The electric appliances get more than 75% heat energy required from the ambient heat. In addition, all devices of heat pump manufacturer Buderus, are truly environmental friendly and economical to use.

Purchasing a heat pump

A heat pump is a bit more expensive to buy, but much cheaper to operate. Therefore, when choosing a heating system, the cost of the device and the consuming costs should always be taken into account. In selecting the heat pump you should definitely pay attention to the seal or stamp of the device, which stands for an examination by an independent institute. There is also shown, the Coefficient of Performance (COP). It provides information on how efficiently the unit uses solar energy. Also it´s not to be forgotten that heat pumps can become much more than just a heating device. Specific heat pumps can even cool rooms to be gently chilled in the summer.

The principle of a heat pump

All heat pumps operate on the same principle. A medium flows through the circuit where it absorbs the temperature of the surrounding medium. A medium can be water, brine, or even ordinary ambient air which stores solar energy as heat all year round. By compressing the medium it is brought to a higher temperature. The ’pumped up’ heat is now supplied to the heating circuit (for example a floor heating). Then the equipment is relaxed again and the cycle begins again. The conclusion: In this process the heat pump is as much as four times as efficient as any other electrical heating device. Around three-quarters of the usable heat is coming from the environment. Depending on the heat source there are three types of heat pumps: water-water, salt-water and air-water heat pumps.

High performance, low cost: The air-water heat pump.

The advantages are obvious. The installation cost is much lower than in salt-water heat pumps, since no excavation is needed. Air-water devices are suitable for installation particularly in areas with rocky ground. But even when upgrading existing heating system these units show their strengths: They can be installed almost anywhere without major modifications. Some manufacturers even offer air-water heat pumps which are, due to increased supply temperature, also for use with conventional radiators.

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