Air conditioning

We install domestic ventilation systems, compact and split units.

What exactly is climate?

If someone thinks in general, about climate, it´s often thought as the pleasant room or outside temperature. To create the right climate is much more than “just“ to regulate the temperature. If we want to regulate the climate, it may not be too cold or too hot. And the humidity therein must also comply with the temperature, so it shouldn´t be too high or too low. The speed and quality of air play also a role in the climate.

An ideal climate promotes the well being of the human body. During the summer months the temperature for our well being is approximately 27° with a relative humidity of 50 % and an air speed below 0,2 m/s. This is comparable with a slight breeze. In the cold season these values need to be changed. Then the temperature is approximately 21° and the humidity at 55 %. These differences take into account, of course, the clothes we wear in different seasons.

The climate at home

We all love the comfort of a climate controlled area. Why not bring this to our own home? No matter whether you enter a department store, a reasonably modern hotel lobby or a new cinema – you will enter a tempered climate. Even cars have more and more climatic comfort. It is actually on hand to always provide pleasant climate to all interiors, thanks to modern air-conditioners, which are technically or cost-wise no longer a problem.

Mobile devices offer the simplest and yet most versatile solution for a home. It is always where you want to be and you run it on demand. If you are more choosy and place particular value on noise level, opt for a split unit outside with an appropriate chiller.

Particularly topical, is the air-conditioning under the roof top. There, under intensive sunlight, temperatures often rise to unbearable levels so that in many cases the living quality in these rooms without air-conditioning would diminish strongly.

Split air-conditioners

These devices are, as the name suggests, split. In other words, divided. Split unit consists an inner part with an evaporator and fan, which is connected to the outer part with refrigerant cords. The outer part contains a condenser and compressor pump to compress the refrigerant. This arrangement results as the main advantage of the system: minimum noise level in the room to be cooled. In addition, there´s a variety of design options for the inner parts of these devices. The product diversity goes from free standing to wall or ceiling installed device internals. If necessary, an outside part can also provide several internal parts. That kind of Split-system can be made for bigger rooms or for several rooms. Internal parts for Split-systems are available in different versions. The form you choose depends on the conditions of the space, the room design, and not least the budget.


  • The universal standard equipment on the ground. Also possible to install on the wall or ceiling. Cooling from 2 kW to 8 kW.


  • Extra-flat device for installation on a wall with relatively little space. Cooling capacity about 2 kW to 8 kW.


  • It is designed to be installed in suspended ceilings. The air is blown through a specially designed grid to get the optimum distribution of air possible. If necessary, a second air outlet can be connected through ducting. In addition, there is the possibility of a larger proportion of fresh air. This makes the device particularly suitable for rooms where the windows cannot be opened for ventilation. These devices are designed for high cooling capacity of 3 kW to 12 kW

Fan Coil Unit

  • These devices are also installed in suspended ceilings. The air is first blown into the ceiling and from there through vents into the room. Even an air distribution through ducts to the air outlets, which may be situated in the next room, is possible. Ceiling installed devices are designed for high cooling capacity of 7 kW to 17 kW and therefore suitable for large rooms. 

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